Why Consistent Maintenance Effort is Necessary for a Rental Property

Maintenance for rental property differs from place to place. In the US, there are four seasons, summer, winter, spring, and fall, and each of these seasons has its own maintenance method. Landlords or property managers must do the maintenance tasks consistently so that the value of the property always remains up and also to maintain the convenience of the tenants. When the property is not properly taken care of, obviously, it can deteriorate more easily. As a property owner or manager, keeping the tenants safe and keeping the property in a clean condition is your legal responsibility.

Property owners or managers must be consistent with the maintenance routine. If not, the property will eventually lose its value, affecting the quality negatively and therefore, the income as well. If they want to keep their property in a great condition, which is usually the reason why tenants stay for a long term, keeping up on the maintenance is also a prerequisite. However, it means that a portion of the property income must also be allocated for this, depending on the cost that the property requires. To maintain the building in a good condition, landlords or property managers must allot an adequate monthly budget.

Some of the features of the building that need a budget so you can implement consistent maintenance effort are the floors, heating/cooling system, walls, electrical system, water system, and drainage system. Those are from the internal. Meanwhile, the external part that also needs budget allocation includes the lawn, the backyard, and the roof. Make sure to allot a percentage of the monthly income for these so you can ensure appropriate care and save a lot of energy, time, and money in the long run. Additional maintenance tasks that also need a budget are landscaping, gardening, trimming of trees, repairs, and re-painting.

Now, the materials that you might have to use that also need a portion of the income of the property are the lights, lawnmowers, cleaning and pest control chemicals, batteries, and other janitorial tools. These items really need enough budget for you to keep the property in a good condition. Some examples of the things that you have to keep in check when you do the maintenance are moisture, pests/insects, leaks, broken pipes, busted lights, and other dysfunctional items. The tenants can also help you do some of the tasks needed if you want them to. For example, you can ask them to inspect their rented unit and immediately report if there is a problem. However, they can only inform you about issues in their areas and not on the parts where they’re not allowed to occupy that’s why doing it yourself is important.   

So now that we have given you the right information about maintaining the property, the question is this: do you have the capability to do all these tasks as a landlord? Another question is: do you have any experience in maintaining a rental property on a consistent basis? What about the budget, do you have the right knowledge on how to organize your finances with regards to the maintenance costs? If not, then the right thing for you to do is hire a manager for your rental business. To know more about how to start, call Jaxon Texas now. As a long-standing manager for a rental property in Texas, we can help you with the budget allocation while also enabling you to easily execute all these tasks efficiently.