Time Management and Property Management

Rental property management is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time. Aside from managing the building itself, you have to manage your tenants, screen them before accepting, collect the rent, answer concerns, market your business, renew contracts, take care of the legal matters, and organize the collection. Indeed, this is a full-time commitment, and people who are not fit to do the job always end up losing their investments instead of growing them. If you are thinking about starting a rental business, be sure you are ready to dedicate your time so that you won’t regret later choosing this venture. 

In managing the building, you have to conduct regular inspections, listen to your tenants’ concerns, and then repair whatever problems you may find in the roof, walls, ceilings, water system, drainage system, electrical connections, etc. It is necessary to keep up with these things consistently because they determine the value of your property and they are the reasons why a tenant stays and happily pays the rent. So maintenance alone takes a lot of effort and your time, be sure you are well-prepared to face all the challenges from the tasks. 

Meanwhile, in managing your tenants, you have to listen and answer their concerns immediately to keep them satisfied. In addition, you have to monitor them as well for you to avoid having small tenancy problems turn into huge ones. This is because sometimes, the tenants are not really responsible therefore you have to keep an eye on them and quickly take action before they can start causing trouble. For example, some of them intentionally do late payments therefore you have to have a good strategy; you have to make sure you are always ready to deal with that because if not, there are consequences that might add up to other problems. The worst is when the problem they create cost you a large sum of money such as for example, fighting legal battles in eviction.

In the issue of rent collection, it is important that you develop a good system to avoid confusion and even loss of income. Financial organizing is a tough job and if you don’t have a professional strategy for this, except that it might hurt your investment sooner or later. Always remember that here alone, things can easily go out of control as there are many tasks you have to do such as answering calls or emails, organizing and attending meetings, and then putting the money in the right place where they belong. So if you have other projects that might cause interruption, or if you have personal or familial issues to face, remember that there’s a good chance this will cause confusion in your mind. To stay focused and organized on this aspect, it is quite essential to have an efficient system. 

In doing this business, always keep in mind that you have to fulfill many different roles; you have to equip yourself with good mathematical skills, for example, because you have to do the accounting yourself. In doing this, you have to be meticulously attentive to every detail so that you can avoid miscalculations and misallocation of the budget. Therefore in the aspect of rent collection alone, it can be overwhelming enough. If you really want to start a property rental business, ask yourself first if you can dedicate all of your time before taking action.

However, if you’re really determined in pursuing this venture or if you are already a property owner and you feel like it’s difficult to continue doing all the responsibilities because of time issues, you still have hope because you can just hire a property manager. Property managers are professionally trained to perform all of these tasks; they are equipped with certified technical skills. From managing tenants to maintaining and improving your property to raising the market value of your property to take care of the legal matters and so on… Therefore if time is the main issue why you cannot keep up with this business, start calling us at Jaxon Texas now and for us to discuss your concerns.