The Fundamentals of Choosing a Property Manager

Even if you’ve been managing a rental property for a long time, it would still be more appropriate and helpful if you hire a property management company. This is because your rental property needs expert managing skills for dealing with so many issues along the way; making sure problems are properly handled, therefore ensuring a consistent flow of income while protecting your investment from bankruptcy. In addition, managing a rental property could be so overwhelming especially when you are handling other projects. That’s why if you really want to be truly effective and successful in this business, we at Jaxon Texas really recommend you should hire a property manager that is truly capable, transparent, and accessible at all times.    

So now the question is: how would you choose a perfect property manager for your rental business? Before hiring a managing company, you must take note of these important tips so that you will be able to run your business successfully. Here are some fundamental things we at Jaxon Texas recommend in choosing one.

The first thing you must ensure is the company’s professional license. Before you hire a company, make sure it is competent enough; meaning they have proper and legitimate technical expertise in managing rental properties. To do this, look at their portfolios, ask for their expert certifications and their acquired training, and lastly, look at their service history. In this way, you can have a real sense of confidence in letting them take care of your business.  

The next thing you must be sure about is the insurance. To protect your investment, you must make sure the company has errors and omissions policies, casualty insurance for the property, and general liability insurance. Therefore, before hiring the company and signing an agreement, ask what kinds of insurance protection they can offer and make sure these are all legitimate. Always remember that careful evaluation is very important.

Another thing you must consider is the company’s technical experiences. To do this, you must ask what specialization they have, what legal experiences they’ve succeeded with, and how can they prove their capabilities. There are so many property management companies out there in the market competing therefore you must be sure to choose the ones with good historical records in property management. Keep in mind that having a managing company that has extensive experience in taking care of rental business is a guaranteed success.

Finally, the last thing you must do before hiring the company is to examine the agreement they offer. This will give you ideas on what kind of relationship you will have with them and help you determine their responsibilities. To do this, read the contract carefully and if necessary, demand amendments in your favor. Make sure that you agree with all the conditions in the contract, including fees, services, expenses, rental collection, eviction handling, maintenance, dealing with tenant’s needs, marketing, and overall operations. Also, make sure that financial transparency is being highlighted in the agreement, including the budgeting system for possible repairs and renovations when needed.       

Those are some of the basics in choosing a company for your rental business. Always remember that for you to be able to run your rental business successfully and without troubles, you must work with a managing company that has legitimate credentials and technical expertise. We at Jaxon Texas are always ready to work with you. Contact us.