Security Checklist for Tenants’ Safety

A safe home for the tenants means a lot to the return on investment (ROI) and to the sustainability of your rental business. This does not only about the tenant’s satisfaction but also about the tenant-landlord relationship. Therefore the first responsibility of the landlord is to provide a safe and clean home for their tenants. This does not only benefit the tenants but also the landlords as well. Every rental property should be free from damaged structures, dangerous debris, and other kinds of matters that could potentially harm the renters, especially children. This is also required by the law to manage the risks before they cause problems, damage, or harm.

Another risk that also needs to be avoided is criminal intrusion. Aside from providing a healthy condition for renters, the owners are also required to have a property secured from any kind of intrusions such as burglary, theft, or vandalism. Owners must maintain this condition by consistently doing a proper maintenance operation to the rental property. This includes a regular quality check for the plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning system, heating system, roof, ceiling, walls, and electrical system and also making sure that the structure of the building is always intact and generally safe.

When checking the plumbing, you should hire a professional plumber (assuming that you don’t know plumbing woks) to make sure all the pipes are secured from leaks and contamination. If necessary or if you want to be sure, replace the old ones. In addition, make sure also that the water flows properly and that other important parts are working properly as well such as the toilet, shower, and the drainage systems. When it comes to the ventilation and the air-conditioning systems, you will also need professional help to troubleshoot and fix problems. These are not easy tasks that’s why getting help from professionals is way more practical than having poor quality work that in the end, costs more money.

Another very important part to look at is the ceiling. You have to look for indications of leak or damages in the roof such as cracks, stains, etc., and fix them immediately before things get worst that might result in further damages and expenses. In extreme cases, any of these could result in a serious injury which is why as a property owner, prevention is the best way to avoid troubles, including court battles.

In doing a wall check-up, all the bases of walls should be prioritized. This is where waters or pests enter and create further damage to the wall. If you find potential wall problems in your property, do not hesitate to get professional advice or service from a trained maintenance crew. If you don’t know where to find them, call us at Jaxon Texas through the number provided on this website.   

Now, additional stuff to check out is the heating systems and the electrical system in general. You have to make sure they are working properly by conducting a thorough inspection. For this, you really need to hire professionals; ones that are under a legitimate company or that is officially a member of the maintenance associations. Lastly, always take note that toxic contaminants are everywhere; they can be in everything of the materials mentioned above. This is why professional maintenance companies are really needed, especially these days, to help the landlord and the tenants.   

Now, if you really want to face these challenges, you should hire a property manager. Property managers do not only help you run things and tasks efficiently but also work together with you in maintaining the building to keep or even increase it value. So to help you start this project, call our staff now at Jaxon Texas.