Maintenance and Tenant Selection for a Rental Property

There are many cases in which tenants do not stay long enough at the property because they don’t feel good living there anymore. Usually, it happens to a rental property that is not being maintained well by the owner or the manager. Most of these business owners do not consider maintenance as a vital task for a rental property; it gives comfort to the renters and also improves or at least maintains the value of the building. This is why professional property managers hire third-party maintenance companies; systematically solving problems while also being available day and night, on any given day of the week. Everyone knows, a key to a successful business is the quality of the service and the equipment of the company. This could not be possible without using sharp and strategic approaches. Therefore, if you have a property or you are thinking of starting a rental business, you should pay attention to the information we are going to provide here.   

Second, let’s have a look at different types of tenants. Once you got a deeper understanding of these features, you can now have a good discernment for identifying efficient approaches to tenant management. For example, some tenants leave without being honest about a problem in a unit; they leave immediately to evade their responsibility. When this happens, it’s always the landlord that loses because, of course, repairing a problem will cost an amount. So if you have strong support, especially from a highly trained management company, this is going to be easy. Yes, it might cost a significant amount in the beginning, that’s normal, but when you talk about long term income or investment growth, no one can argue that hiring a property manager is more sustainable than personal management; especially when the owner is not equipped to handle its many different complexities as a business.

In the PRS (private rental sector), there are different types of landlords that cater to various kinds of tenants. As a landlord one has to be selective and particular in accepting tenants. Though it’s easier said than done, the process of tenant screening helps so much in avoiding potential problems in terms of rent collection and maintenance. By knowing the renter’s credit background and rental attitude, you have the advanced tool for anticipating risks. However, be sure to not violate the local rules, the Fair Housing Act, and other tenant-landlord laws to avoid being dragged to tedious yet time-consuming court proceedings in the end and settle for unnecessary legal expenses. Therefore applying tenant screening should always be conducted before completely dealing with them. And if possible, the prospective landlords should first sort out the perfect tenant they want to have before buying a property. If you want further details on this, don’t hesitate to call us at Jaxon Texas anytime.     

Examples of tenants you might want to choose are single, couple, newly-wed, couple with a child, couple with more than one child, young professionals, fresh graduates, etc. All these kinds of renters are good as long as they can keep with the monthly rate and are open for future increases. There are tenants who are consistent in paying the rent while also unreliable when it comes to maintenance. On the other hand, some pay late but are very reliable when you ask for help. Of course, the smart choices are those people who have consistent jobs or sources of income because when you have the ones that are financially challenged, it will affect your ability to grow as a business. Therefore, a very efficient tenant screening process is all you really need to make all of these things possible for your rental property.