Four Overlooked Factors in Selecting the Right Neighbourhood for a Rental Property

When purchasing a rental property, one of the important qualities you should look for is the amenities, both of your house and of the neighbourhood. The reason for this is that amenities provide additional value to the property because, obviously, tenants will benefit from them. Usually, renters look for a property to rent that belongs to a neighbourhood with trees or green spaces, parks, and recreation space. Most especially, they also want to live in a place where access to transportation is not an issue and sources of necessities are easily available such as banks, supermarkets, restaurants, groceries, pharmacies, and malls.

If you still don’t have an idea about the overlooked advantages of amenities, it is advisable that you continue reading this article. By reading this, you will learn the following neighbourhood qualities you should look for before releasing your investment so that you will not suffer from financial loss on your business once you start the operation. This article, though, will just focus on the neighbourhood amenities for now. Take note of these essential ideas and look for communities that offer them so that you can help boost the value of your property and therefore increase your income for a guaranteed return of investment (ROI).

Easy access to essential needs

First, as I have said earlier, all renters look for a place where important merchandizes and essential needs are easily available. This factor is an additional point to their convenience, making their lives easier by having easy access to all sorts of services they need within or nearby the neighbourhood where they belong.


Even though the prospective neighbourhood you are considering has a low crime rate, it is still good to know if it has a police office accessible from your property. This is because aside from peace and order, guaranteed security is another important thing tenants want in a place to rent or live. Although there is a big psychological factor for this, we also cannot argue that things can happen randomly whether we want it or not, and nobody wants to be a helpless victim. Therefore a police outpost or office nearby your property is a great neighbourhood to choose from.      

Pet parks

If you want another amenity that is surely in demand for renters, look for a neighbourhood with pet parks. This will surely attract people who love pets, especially dog owners. Dog parks or at least a place where owners can enjoy walking their dogs while seeing other dogs or animals is very important for some renters because it is the only place where their pets can enjoy, especially if the property has not enough space for their pets or which doesn’t have yards.   

Additional amenities

By doing research about the planned development in the prospective neighbourhood, you will find out if the property is worth investing in. You can do this by looking for the right information online, asking from its local government offices, and/or from the city development offices. By finding out what kind of upgrades, improvements, and construction plans the authorities of the area are planning, you will have a good basis for your decisions related to your long-term goals.     

Final words 

So now that you’ve learned about these essential amenities to look for in choosing a rental property to buy, what will you do? We know that working to gather information for good quality property is not easy, let alone managing it. This is the reason why we established our company Jaxon Texas. So if you think you are sure about pursuing this kind of business, call our office now for more specific information.