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5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“Had some issues as you will with anyplace you move but Zack is a problem solver. Went out of his way to fix an out of the ordinary problem. Great upper management!”

Jeremy Dye

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for all of them over at Jaxon Texas. They went out on a limb and took a chance with us and both of us have done nothing but succeed. Call them. They will be there for you too.”

Jack Blaisdell

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“Very professional company to work with. Very attentive to customer/tenant concerns.”

Jaime Zubiate

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“One of the best Property Management Companies in town. Very Professional and attentive with any situation.”

Joe Herrera

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“Great experience in dealing with property mgmt. Easy to work with. I Would recommend.”

David J Boyle

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“Jaxon Property Managemeny does a great job taking care of my properties so I don’t have to worry about them. Communication is appropriate but smaller issues get handled independently lessening the burden for property owner.”

Brent Sanders

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“I’ve worked with Jaxon Property Management on both sides of the house. Zach Karam has protected my interest in my rental properties and with my apartment I rent from Jaxon Property Management. Always professional and prompt. I recommend completely.”

Wil Herren

5 star rating jaxon texas el paso tx property management

“Working with office was easy. I had no issues what so ever, they were able to show me several properties for rent around El Paso. Very friendly staff.”

Jesus Torres
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Jaxon Texas Property Management can quickly lease your property to qualified residents. First rent surveys are done to determine competitive market rents in any particular location. Jaxon Texas Property Management markets vacancies by whatever means have proven effective, including placing ads on dozens of rental websites. Eye catching signs are installed at the property itself. A record of calls of prospective residents is kept and follow-up calls, texts and emails are made to prospective residents.

Jaxon Texas applications are available online for interested prospects with detailed instructions. the convenience of applying has increased the amount of applications and time interval . Once the appliance is carefully screened and approved, the resident signs a lease that has many safeguards for owners, and complies with all local, state and federal laws.


Jaxon Texas has the resources to deal with the myriad of maintenance issues that arise at a property. We use our affiliate maintenance company, 915 Property Improvements, and a spread of independent contractors that give the property both quality work on reasonable prices and a fast turnaround. Residents can easily make a maintenance request through our website, where they’re going to receive an emailed confirmation also as a follow up notifications regarding scheduling and estimated time of completion. Additionally , they will always call our office during business hours or call our 24 hour emergency line for off hour emergencies.  Questions always come up about maintenance and the way it’s handled.  An honest property management company will have parameters about what proportion they will spend before they need your written approval.  You would like to understand their structure so maintenance isn’t a runaway train and you’ve got control over it.  Nobody wants surprises on your budget at end of month.


Jaxon Texas Property Management is extremely firm about rent collections. Rents are due on the primary and thought of late on the second. Late fees are charged and if necessary action is taken to make sure proper payment.


Jaxon Texas accounting is capable of providing all the properties accounting needs. Rents are meticulously recorded and every one requested expenses are paid during a timely fashion. Jaxon Texas Property Management accounting staff is usually available to answer clients’ questions on the status of their property.

When you’re hiring a Property Manager in El Paso , Las Cruces , Sundland Park, Cautillo, Anthony, you’ll want to ask a couple of key questions on their experience, their credentials, and their process for managing what could be one among your largest assets.


Clear communication and access to your manager through cell phones, email, and text is critical. Your relationship together with your property manager depends on communication. you would like to know what’s happening at your property, so determine how a manager you’re getting to work with will communicate.


Every landowner must have the proper insurance coverage, and you ought to expect no less from your property management company. Every manager should have insurance , errors and omissions insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.   Confirm they will show you copies of these so you and your rental property in El Paso are protected.


A property management company will work with a spread of vendors from insurance agents to maintenance contractors, so understand the relationships they need with those professionals. Ask if there’s a financial stake in those companies, because you would like transparency in those relationships. It’s okay for a management company to possess an affiliated maintenance company, but you don’t want to feel taken advantage of, so ask the questions.


Your property manager should be up so far with technology. they ought to have a web presence, and confirm your tenants pays rent online.   You’ll also want to ask who are going to be assigned to your property.  Determine what proportion of experience they need together with your sort of property and in your local market.

All these are important questions and good to ask when you’re hiring a property management company. If you’ve got any questions on property management in El Paso , please contact us at Jaxon Texas Property Management.


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